viernes, 8 de mayo de 2009


very nice painting, Crist,I didn't see your work before,I sincerely apologize for the similarityBest regards,Ben
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sorry, Crist

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Subject: [dq-cartooncommittee] Illustration: Africa Africa!
Note : If you don't want to receive my illustrations in the future, just send an email at and you'll be removed from the listHigh resolution version of this image for printing purposes available HEREAfrica, My Africa By Ola Joseph Kolawole Back in the years of the b.c.When I was but a spirit in the heavenliesSpying over the happenings on this miraculous planet,I majored on the study of continents…I had special interest in this spectacular oneTraced back to Cush, a man of colourBlessed by Eledua – the Creator of creationObviously vast, leading her equalsHer land expanded by the hours –They called it Ethiopia and the Egyptian empireShe was first in making wonderful inventionsAnd not lagging behind in linguistics and educationHer map became a riddle for the WISE:Looking at the map from the west,I see a gun.Firing out intellects and academicsImparting the whole wide world with wisdom.Looking from the east,I see a big foot,Walking around the worldPreaching her precious cultural heritagesLooking from the north,I see a big Yam,Everybody comes to take a biteFrom this yam that gives a taste of divinityLooking from the south,I see a big steady rockMany come to it for shelter –Others, to mine from her treasurable resources.Now, here is the riddle for the WISE –Shall we pull the trigger of the gun with our foot…And fire out a bullet of yam to the rock…And perhaps, Africa will be that Goshen again? Selah!
BEN HEINE ::: Cartoonist, Journalist, Teacher::: Executive Belgium
My Site ::: My Blog ::: My Toonpool ::: My Flickr

--My 2009 Calendars
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